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Integrated Musculoskeletal Care

Accurate, Effective and Reliable Diagnosis and Treatment
For Painful Musculoskeletal Conditions


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Our mission is to promote self-management and independence to individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain using accurateconsistent and effective evidence-based diagnosis and treatment.


Our vision is to be the gold standard for pain and injury resolution in Canada.



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A Better approach to Physical Therapy

IMCC has built a network of clinicians that are committed to providing exceptional evidence-based care. We certify these clinicians around a highly reliable and research-validated classification system to diagnosis and treat joint, muscle or nerve pain

IMCC ensures high-value care by diligently tracking clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes and monitoring clinician decision making through strict quality assurance measures.


OUr Approach


Rapid Resolution of Painful COnditions

Our system of care has proven reliability in identifying rapidly resolving conditions.

Rapidly resolving conditions can be present in people with low back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle problems regardless of how long the condition has been present. They often require simple, easy-to-perform exercises that do not require special equipment.

These conditions go largely unrecognized by the majority health care providers which often results in months of unnecessary return visits to a clinic.

INTEGRATED Outcomes Tracking and Quality Control

Our therapists collect pain and function outcomes data related to your condition on each visit to objectively track your progress through your treatment plan.

If your outcomes have not significantly improved within a predetermined timeline, your case is reviewed by a team of experts. This team-based approach allows for early identification of problems requiring care escalation to your family physician for imaging, injection or surgical referral.

Your health outcomes will be shared with your family physician in order to improve communication and overall care among all health care providers.




Our clinician provide 1-on-1 time with every one of our patients. We do not refer your care to an assistant. We do not waste your clinic time with modalities like heat packs and TENS machines that you could use at home.

We emphasize patient education to resolve your condition independently, decreasing the number of visits to the clinic, the overall cost of care and the rate of recurrence.

We value honesty and transparency and always ensure our patients understand their diagnosis, treatment method, outcomes and prognosis throughout their care.


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Reasonable and customary regional Rates typically apply

60 Minute Assessments

30 Minute Follow-Ups

1-on-1 With a Registered Physiotherapist





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+ What makes you different than other physiotherapy?

We use completely unique standardized diagnostic approach that has very high validity and reliablity. This means that we provide high-quality care which can be replicated by any of our clinicians.

We DO NOT provide passive modalities with little supporting evidence like heat packs, TENS machines and ultrasound.

+ Will your services be billed as physiotherapy?

At the moment, all of our clinicians are Registered Physiotherapists with years of additional advanced training and certifications. We can bill your insurance company if you have coverage for physiotherapy.

+ Do you accept WSIB and Motor Vehical Accident claims?


+ Can you bill OHIP?

Unfortunately, our services are not covered by OHIP at this time.